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LightningVapes New Lower Prices (Starting at $0.99)

Let’s start with the good news: LightningVapes just dropped their wire prices, which were already very affordable.  Now you can pick up a 25’ spool for as low as $0.99!  On top of that, they’ve also put together several wick & wire bundles, which include either a pack of Native Wicks or Cotton Bacon V2.  Those prices start at $5.69, which is actually cheaper than purchasing the wick alone!

Ok, so let’s move on to the bad news: free standard shipping is no longer available.  Orders under 15oz will now ship USPS First Class for around $2.60 – $3.80, which really isn’t bad at all.  According to LightningVapes: “Instead of having slightly inflated product prices to help cover shipping costs, we can now offer the best prices on the market while passing minimal shipping costs to the consumer.”  So, although I’m going to miss the free shipping, it definitely makes more sense from their position.  Plus, shipping times for us will improve as well.

One thing that hasn’t changed though: you can still get a 30mL bottle of LightningVapes Max VG E-liquid for $1 when you spend $30 or more.

LightningVapes Wire (Starting at $0.99)


Wick and Wire Bundles (Starting at $5.69)



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