limitless mech mod

Limitless Mech Mod Blowout $51 | Limitless Sleeve $6.00

It looks like ecig is clearing out the rest of their Limitless Mech Mod stock.  You can pick one up for as low as $51 right now.  Prices will obviously vary depending on which material/metal you choose (see below).  But, even $91 for the platinum version is a pretty incredible deal.  Shipping is FREE on orders over $40, so you should be good to go.  And don’t forget to customize your new mod with a unique Limitless Sleeve.  Those are also on sale for $6-$11.

Limitless Mech Mod Blowout

  • $51.00 Brass (was $118.27)
  • $61.00 Copper (was $159.99)
  • $71.00 Gold (was $156.39)
  • $91.00 Matte Black (was $161.29)
  • $91.00 Platinum (was $215.05)

$51.00+ Limitless Mechanical Mod


$6.00+ Limitless Sleeves



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