Merry Gotsmok Christmas

Hey guys, this is Mark (gotsmok). I just wanted to wish everyone out there in the GOTSMOK community (and your families/friends) a great Christmas eve/day. Stay safe. Eat a lot. Drink a little. =) Enjoy those gifts. And most of all… enjoy the time with your loved ones. I thank you for all the support you have given the site. Without each and everyone of you… the site would be nothing. With that said, have a Merry Gotsmok Christmas… it’s the best time of the year. =)

  • atexan

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  • Matt Dyer

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for providing the site and giveaways.

    • You’re very welcome Matt. Thanks for all the support.

  • cwhitney24

    Thanks! Merry Christmas to you as well!!!! And to everyone else as well.

    (Way past the drink a little lol)

    Happy holidays to all!!!!

    • Lol… Nothing wrong with that. Stay safe FAM.

  • Clifford Beatty


  • Steve

    Merry Christmas and Thanks for Gotsmok

  • Kurt

    Merry Christmas to you also Mark! Thanks for a year of great deals and hopefully more to come.

    • Hopefully… My bet is on definitely. =)

  • Denice Hill Bradford

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thanks for all you do and info that you pass along.

  • cosmo902

    Thank you for your site , it is very informative of sales,giveaways,coupons…again thank you..
    Merry Christmas!!

    • Speaking of giveaways… Just make sure to check back later on today. =)

  • Thanks JT… right back at cha.

  • ubersole

    Its our pleasure! Thanks for the love!

  • Ian

    Merry XMas all, be safe and have a happy holiday.


  • Richard

    Merry Christmas everybody !
    Thanks for all the goods !

  • Jay Allen Field

    Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for thîs site and all the good bargains that you find for us. I know that I’ve taken advantage of alot of the deals I’ve found on the site so I just wanted to say thanks alot for doing what you do.

  • Paolo

    Thanks for providing the site, I try to look at the deals every day! Merry Xmas! Vape some eggnog! haha


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