one hit wonder eliquid

One Hit Wonder Eliquid Flash Sale 180mL $30.00+

If you’re looking to stock up on some of your favorite One Hit Wonder Eliquid flavors, just head over to Ecig-City.  They have all of the 180mL bottles in a Flash Sale right now.  Here’s how it works: you can buy any single bottle for $40, 2x bottles for $35 (each), or 3x bottles for $30 (each).  And if you spend $50 or more, shipping is FREE.  Not a bad deal—I’d probably jump on this one myself if I hadn’t already picked up a few bottles during the last One Hit Wonder sale.

One Hit Wonder Eliquid Menu:

  • DRIPPIN WHIP: Whipped cream
  • JUICE BOX: Fresh handpicked Washington apples
  • MAGIC MAN: Mixed gummy candy
  • MUFFIN MAN: Apple cinnamon muffin
  • MY MAN: Neapolitan ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate)
  • POLICE MAN: Marshmallow glazed donut
  • ROCKET MAN: Blueberries, granola, and yogurt
  • THE MAN: Strawberries and sweetened cream



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