Pure Cigs Coupon Code 60% OFF E-Liquid!


Here’s another awesome deal for all the E-LIQUID JUNKIES! I just got my hands on a Pure Cigs coupon code for 60% off of e-liquid! How awesome is that? Just use the coupon code “SMOKLIQ60” at checkout to get the 60% discount. Offer expired 08/31/13. Were talking a cost for …

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Smoktech SID (Variable Voltage/Wattage) MOD $39.99


Here is a pretty decent deal on the Smoktech SID (variable voltage/wattage) MOD. Just use the coupon code “SMOKSID30” and get $30 off the retial price. Offer expires 08/31/13 or until supplies last. For those of you who don’t know what the Smoktech SID is… check out the Grimm Green …

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Immortalizer Atomizer RDA Clone $17.39


I gotta say. With how close to the original my Grand Vapor Trident clone is… I was hoping that they would make a Chief Vapors Pat Immortalizer Atomizer clone. I just hopped that they would make it with the same amount of accuracy. So I woke up this morning to a …

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Halo E Cig FREE 10mL Bottle Of Southern Classic!


It’s been a few weeks since I posted about this Halo E Cig deal. So, imagine my surprise that the deal is still alive and kicking. I’m willing to bet money… not for long though. Here’s the deal. Spend more than $20 at Halo E Cig and get a free …

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Innokin 134 (Variable Wattage) iTaste MOD $134.99


Here is the lowest price yet on an IN STOCK Innokin 134 (Variable Wattage) iTaste MOD. Just click the “limited time offer” link below and use the coupon code “SMOK134” at checkout. You will get $35 OFF the suggested retail price! Offer expires 08/31/13. Both colors (stainless & black) are …

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Evolv Kick 2 (Back In Stock) $42.70


The first time I posted about the Evolv Kick 2… it flew off the shelves and sold out in one day. I guess the demand for a variable wattage drop-in module that can go up to 15 watts and go as low as .5 ohms is greater than expected. Well, …

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KSD KMAX MOD (Pick Your Body & Tube Color)! $39.99


I was put on this deal from a member of the GOTSMOK.COM community… thanks Matt! About 2 weeks ago… we dropped the debut of the KSD KMAX MOD. And I still gotta say… that antique brass finish is crackin! That being said… Matt pointed out that Vapor Break has started …

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Silica Wick 3mm (30 Feet) $6.76


Here is an awesome deal for us re-builders out there. FT just listed some 3mm silica wick at an awesome price. What’s an awesome price? How about 30 feet for $6.76 or 15 feet for $3.78! Now, throw in free worldwide shipping and the deal just gets better. And, if …

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Volcano Ecig Flavor Of The Week: Waikiki Watermelon


Here’s a little GOTSMOK.COM trivia for you… this website was started while I was on vacation at Waikiki! I got the idea while standing in front of the Volcano Ecig cart at the Ala Moana shopping center. Rocking my eGo-C twist and vivi nova tank… ah… those were the days. …

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AGA-T2 Pyrex Tank RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) $16.95


Finding a decent deal on the AGA-T2 Pyrex Tank RBA is getting harder to do. You wouldn’t think so but for people in the market for one know the deal. Well, here you go. VaperCo just put the AGA-T2 Pyrex Tank RBA on sale for $19.95. Now, if you use …

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