Little Boy Style RDA (Pre-Order) $29.99


Calling all you cloudchasers! I came across this PRE-ORDER… I said pre-order so tread lightly… on the Little Boy Style RDA over on the bay. This thing is designed for clouds so if you haven’t seen it before, go check it out now. The Little Boy Style RDA features negative …

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Tantra Mechanical Mod (Authentic) $157.50


I guess today is the day for my Authentic mod loving GOTSMOKIANS. I’ll start this deal off by saying the retail price for the Tantra Mechanical Mod, if you can find it in stock, is 245 bucks. So you’re basically saving a hundo on this deal. Now onto the stats for the …

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Skyline M1 Mechanical Mod by Ameravape $215.00


Authentic mods are limited or hard to find and this mod is no exception. There are hardly any online vendors carrying the Skyline M1 mechanical mod by Ameravape who are the same people that brought us the Manhattan. Keeping the fact that you can’t find this mod in consideration and …

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Castle Style Mechanical Mod $21.34


The Castle Style mechanical mod has hit the pages of Chinabuye and its a pretty nice deal which includes free shipping worldwide at only $21.34. This is for the full set with 3 tubes included to fit 18350/18500/18650 sized batteries. Constructed with a brass tube wrapped with stainless steel. Has …

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Vvpor 15ml Bottle Sale $5.00


This deal was sent to me via my instagram page ( @ubersole_ ). I just got word that the Vvpor 15ml Bottle Sale is underway and is good while supplies last or till October 20th, whichever comes first. For you this means 15ml bottle of VVpor e-juice and Three Pines Elixir …

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Project Sub Ohm Doge RDA $26.99


I know there have been a few of you out there waiting for this. Round 2 of the Project Sub Ohm Doge RDA has just been announced. The online release will be on 10/15/2014 at 12:00 AM PST. The last time I posted this item… it sold out with the …

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Acrylic Vapestations (3 Versions) $47.16


In true FastTech style, they just placed 3 different acrylic vapestations in stock at “lowball everyone” prices. Interestingly… the version with the most holes (69) costs the least at just $39.93. The 36 holes version costs a few buck more at $46.60. And to finish the trio up, the 34 …

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Sigelei Raptor Box Mod (IN STOCK) $93.95


It looks like vapenw has the Sigelei Raptor Box Mod in stock and ready to ship over on the Bay. They have it priced at just $93.95 with FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included. Plus… as a bonus… it looks like they are also throwing in a FREE carbon fiber skin! Not …

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