Fire Engine Red Kamry K101 Starter Kit $34.89

The Fire Engine Red Kamry K101 just hit and I gotta say it looks noice! Only available in a starter kit at the moment. The kit includes (1) red Kamry K101, (1) 18650 battery, (1) 18350 battery, (1) charger, (1) atomizer & (1) carrying pouch. But who cares about all that? Just look at the MOD. This thing will defiantly stand out from a crowd. And, at less than $35 with free shipping… it won’t break the bank. Not bad if you need the whole kit and caboodle. Want just the MOD? Give it a few days… I’m sure it’ll pop up. =)

limited_time_offer_gotsmokUPDATE: Like I said… the MOD only has been released at a price of $23.78!



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