Smoktech Kick Variable Wattage Module $16.19

I’m definitely picking up a Smoktech Kick for my Chentinel/Chident setup. I’m looking forward to wrapping a 1.7-1.8 ohm micro-coil, setting the Smoktech Kick to 9-10 watts and forget about it. And 16 bucks is as cheap as it’s gonna get on these for a while. You can bet on that. Come to think of it… I might go ahead and pick up two. I’ve been wanting to MOD my VMOD XL for a while now and at this price… I just might go ahead and go MOD happy. For those of you who don’t know what this is… it’s basically a drop in module that turns your mechanical device into a variable wattage device. Perfect to crank up the watts for those micro-coil setups! =)

Use Coupon Code: gotsmok10


  • SaltedSlug

    Does the smoktech kick require a sleeve or some other method to make it work in the chintinel? I figure the top sleeve may be too wide for the kick to make good contact in the chintinel.

    Let me know, because I may be picked up all three.


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