Support The VAPE DEALS Community

Want to support VAPE DEALS on your website, blog, forum?

We’ve had more than a few requests to provide a VAPE DEALS badge for website, blog & forum owners to show support for the VAPE DEALS community. So, we’re more than happy to oblige. We’ve started with a few examples down below. And, if you don’t see the size you prefer… leave a comment down below and we’ll make one for you.

The images have a transparent background so they should go with any theme. And, we’ve provided two versions of each badge (for light and dark backgrounds).

Just save the image and put it wherever you would like on your site. And, if you would like to make it link back to us… feel free to point it to:

75 x 75

(75 x 75 dark)


(75 x 75 light)

100 x 100

(100 x 100 dark)


(100 x 100 light)


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