tobeco super tank nano

Tobeco Super Tank Nano $11.99 | Mini $12.99

Eightvape has some really impressive Super Tank deals going right now.  For starters, they’re selling the brand new Tobeco Super Tank Nano for only $11.99!  They currently have 3 colorways in stock: stainless steel, rubber black, and rainbow.  Or, you could pick up the classic Tobeco Super Tank Mini (6 color options) for just a dollar more.  And lastly, the 25mm version is on sale for $13.99 (7 colorways).  These prices aren’t guaranteed to last, so stop by soon.  And keep in mind that FREE shipping applies to orders over $49.

$11.99 Tobeco Super Tank Nano 20mm


$12.99 Tobeco Super Tank Mini 22mm


$13.99 Tobeco Super Tank Mini 25mm


$10.00 Super Tank Replacement Coils (5-pack)



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