Trident RDA Clone (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) $5.86

It seems like a new version of the Grand Vapor Trident RDA clone has hit the web. Keep in mind… it doesn’t look like a 1:1 replica like the previous versions we have already posted about. That being said… there is a $10 price difference so let’s see whats up. Right off the bat… this $5.86 version looks like it only has 2 posts. Good if you only wanna build single coils. Dual coils are still possible but a little harder of course. (Michael on our Facebook page pointed out there is actually 3 posts, good looking out man!) Also… the posts uses regular screws. The good thing about this is that you can mount your coils higher by wrapping  the tails under the screw heads. Also… the design looks a little off I have to say. So… if you want a 1:1 replica… stick with the $16 ones we already posted. And, if you want a decent replica… on the cheap… this Trident RDA clone is for you. #teamcheapmod! limited_time_offer_gotsmok


  1. that drip tip is niiice

  2. the 15$ trident clone from FS is deff worth the extra ten. compared it with an 80$ original and its basically the same except for a few size differences. this one not so much..

    • I don’t know if anyone else had the same problem with the $15 trident but mine has a defective 510 pin. The copper screw is recessed into the 510 connector so basically its stuck inside the insulator and it doesnt make contact with any of my mods. It actually caused a short in one of them. I know it is supposed to be adjustable but mine doesnt adjust, it just spins freely when i turn it with a screwdriver.


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