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USV ARC 240w Mod $61.87 | USV-L 75w $42.16

Here’s a pair of USV Box Mod deals I found over at Urvapin.  For a limited time, you can use coupon code “NY2018” to pick up the new USV ARC 240w Mod for only $61.87 with FREE shipping.  If you haven’t seen that one yet, I’d definitely recommend giving it a look.  It has an especially unique design.  You could also use the same coupon code to get the USV-L 75w for $42.16.  I’m actually vaping on one of those right now, and it’s a solid little device.  I should have waited to pick one up though, because I spent a lot more on mine!  $42 is a great deal in my book.

Use Coupon Code: NY2018 (expires 2/25/18)

$61.87 USV ARC 240w TC Box Mod

Colorways: Black, Black/Red, White/Red, Blue


$42.16 USV-L 75w TC Box Mod

Colorways: Grey Force, Moma



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