Valkyrie Hybrid MOD Clone (Sandblased / Polished) $29.45

Looks like the Valkyrie Hybrid MOD clone has hit the Fasttech shelves in both the sandblasted & polished version. And get this. They were able to keep the price under $29.50 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING included! I gotta say, $29.45 for a genesis style RBA hybrid this nice looking is a steal. And, you gotta be crazy if your don’t think the sandblasted version isn’t SEKSI as hell. =) And I thought I was gonna be able to end the week only buying the Stingray clone. Oh Fasttech, just shut up and take my money! LOL.

Valkyrie Hybrid MOD Clone (Sandblasted Finish)


(Polished Finish)


  • @freddyisready

    Can we use this as a dripper ?


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