vandy vape pulse 22mm

Vandy Vape Pulse 22mm $16.00 | 24mm $18.00

It looks like MFS has a new set of Weekly Deals up for grabs.  For a limited time, they’re selling the Vandy Vape Pulse 22mm RDA for only $16 and the Pulse 24mm for just $2 more.  Each of these is available in 4 different colorways: black, gold, rainbow, and stainless steel.  If you’re looking for an RDA that is specifically designed for squonking, the Pulse is definitely a good choice.  At prices like these, it’s not exactly going to break the bank either.

MFS usually rotates these deals every Thu/Fri, so you’ve got a few days to stop by.  Shipping is FREE on orders over $75 (or free on EVERY order if you have an AMPD account).

$16.00 Vandy Vape Pulse 22mm RDA


$18.00 Vandy Vape Pulse 24mm RDA



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