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VapeDroid C2D1 167w Deal is Back! (DNA250) $50.29

I just wanted to send out an update, in case any of you missed out on last week’s deal.  Fasttech has once again dropped the price of the SBody VapeDroid C2D1 167w Box Mod down to $50.29!  That includes Worldwide Free Shipping too.  I’m just crossing my fingers, hoping they don’t quickly raise the price like they did the first time.  Grab one fast…it’s not often that you can pick up a DNA250 device for 50 bucks!  This is still listed as a pre-sale, but they should be in stock in about 2 days (ETA 12/12).

$50.29 SBody VapeDroid C2D1 167w (DNA167/250)

Colorways: Black


$63.67 SBody VapeDroid C3D1 250w (DNA250)

Colorways: Brown, Navy Blue, Red


$44.95 SBody VapeDroid C2D1 75w (DNA75)

Colorways: Black


  • Mark Stave

    Great deals on the 2 and 3 cell DNA250 mods. I own them both and they are real workhorses. I haven’t seen the dual cell dna75 mod before, but with the 75C out…..

    • Jeremy

      Thanks for the feedback! That’s good to hear. I’ve been watching/reading some reviews lately, and they’re all mostly positive. Seems like a great device for the money. Yeah, I was surprised to see the 75w version wasn’t DNA75C. I’m guessing it was probably released shortly before the color chip came out.


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