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PMMA Helios RDA Atomizer Clone $5.91


Here’s another one to add the to PMMA movement. The PMMA Helios RDA atomizer clone has just dropped on the vendor we all love to hate. And the best part about it is that it just costs $5.91 shipped! Needless to say, my order is placed. I figure,  if the …

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Wick (UPDATED) $3.00


This stainless steel wire rope wick deal has just been updated. It now includes FREE pre-cut service. And… you can now purchase 5 feet for just $10! That means 5 feet for just $5 after using the coupon code “MERRY5″! Here’s a decent deal on some stainless steel wire rope …

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Clear RDA Rebuildable Atomizer $3.88


Surprise surprise. Fasttech has just placed a clear RDA rebuildable atomizer in stock. And considering that clear PMMA top caps for the IGO & Nimubs atomizers for for $20+ just by themselves… $3.88 for the whole shebang is a pretty good deal indeed. It features a 19.8mm diameter, stainless steel …

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3mL Syringes With Blunt Tip Needles (10 pack) $6.99


Why the heck am I slanging 3mL syringes on GOTSMOK? Well, if you’ve ever tried to fill up an RSST without one… you know how helpful blunt tipped syringes are. But forget about just the RSST. Basically… almost every RBA I know of can be filled easily with 3mL syringes …

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Efest 18350 IMR Button Top Battery 2 For $6.59


I got the heads up on this deal from a member of the GOTSMOK Forums. You get 2 Efest 18350 IMR button top batteries for just $6.59! That’s just $3.30 a battery! Were talking Efest 18350 IMRs for the price of generic no name batteries. Pretty good price on a …

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MNKE 18650 3.7v 1500mAh High Discharge Battery $9.85


Still trying to cop a MNKE 18650 IMR high drain battery? Well here you go. They are in stock and ready to ship. Just use the coupon code “Shanty” and the price drops down to $9.85. Not the greatest deal. But hey… just finding these in stock from a reputable …

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Innokin iClear 30s (FREE SHIPPING) $9.84


This deal is a full $3.50 cheaper than the next lowest Innokin iClear 30s deal. What’s that… like 30% cheaper! Pretty decent deal if I do say so myself. The Innokin iClear 30s is the newest dual coil clearomizer from Innokin. Introduced with the release of the iTaste VTR. It …

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