$10 – $25

Odysseus RBA Clone (Rebuildable Atomizer) $13.68


How low can these go? Seriously… the #clonewars has driven down the prices on almost everything e-cig related except for juices. When we first posted the Odysseus RBA clone… they went for a little more than $16 and that was a steal. Especially considering that it came with spare parts …

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14500 Bagua Mechanical Clone $19.58


Want a light stealthy mechanical vape? Try a 14500 MOD. Problem is… there aren’t many of them available at the moment. And the ones that you do find cost an arm and leg. Until now. Here’s a source for the 14500 Bagua mechanical clone for just $19.58 + FREE SHIPPING! …

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Vapowire A1 Kanthal Wire (28, 30, 32 AWG) $11.69-14.39


Potionvape has just became an authorized retailer for Vapowire. To celebrate, they are offering the GOTSMOK.COM community 10% off any 30 ft spool. Just use the coupon code “GOTSMOKWIRE” at checkout to get your discount. For those of you who don’t know, Vapowire offers 100% machine wound round and ribbon …

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Eight Diagrams Mechanical MOD v3 “Yin Yang” $20.13


This was another yesterday release that was squashed due to the Chi You Clone. But, I gotta say… (in my opinion) this version of the Eight Diagrams mechanical MOD kinda looks the best. Dubbed the “Yin Yang” MOD for obvious reasons. It features stainless steel construction, airflow control & brass …

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Anyvape Davide Mini Glassomizer $11.69


With the recent releases of the Protank, Protank 2, Puritank and the Davide… where’s the eGo love? Right here. With the newly released Anyvape Davide MINI glassomizer. Anyvape basically took all the features found in there newly released Davide glassomizer and shrunk it down. Primarily to fit perfectly on top …

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Immortalizer Atomizer RDA Clone $17.39


I gotta say. With how close to the original my Grand Vapor Trident clone is… I was hoping that they would make a Chief Vapors Pat Immortalizer Atomizer clone. I just hoped that they would make it with the same amount of accuracy. So I woke up this morning to …

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AGA-T2 Pyrex Tank RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) $16.95


Finding a decent deal on the AGA-T2 Pyrex Tank RBA is getting harder to do. You wouldn’t think so but for people in the market for one know the deal. Well, here you go. VaperCo just put the AGA-T2 Pyrex Tank RBA on sale for $19.95. Now, if you use …

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Smoktech Kick Variable Wattage Module $16.19


I’m definitely picking up a Smoktech Kick for my Chentinel/Chident setup. I’m looking forward to wrapping a 1.7-1.8 ohm micro-coil, setting the Smoktech Kick to 9-10 watts and forget about it. And 16 bucks is as cheap as it’s gonna get on these for a while. You can bet on …

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