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The Standard E-liquid Sale $6.99 – $9.99

the standard e-liquid

VolcanoEcigs has 4 flavors from The Standard E-liquid on clearance right now.  You can pick up a 100mL bottle for only $9.99, or a 60mL of The Standard Gummy for $6.99.  Please note that these prices only apply to the flavors listed below.  Seems like a solid deal either way.  …

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Rounds E-liquid Sale (100mL) $10.99

Here’s a nice deal for fans of Rounds E-liquid. I just got the heads up that UVD has dropped the price of a 100mL bottle to just $10.99. That’s one hell of a discount off the $27.99 MSRP. And, it breaks down to just 11 cents a mL. Fair warning… …

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Johnny Applevapes E-liquid (100mL) $9.99

johnny applevapes

For today only… the city has dropped the price on 100mL bottles of Johnny Applevapes e-liquid to just $9.99. That’s a huge discount off the $24.99 MSRP. And, not a bad deal considering the flavor profiles that I’ve listed down below. I just hope that they live up to the …

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Savage E-liquid BLOWOUT (30mL) $2.00

It looks like ValientVapes is at it again with another BLOWOUT deal on Savage e-liquid. You can pick up a 30mL bottle for just $2.00. Shoot, you can pick up a bottle of all 9 flavor profiles for less than $20. Not a bad deal if your looking it try …

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6Summer Suckers E-liquid 120mL BLOWOUT $5.99

If you didn’t take advantage of the 6Summer Suckers E-liquid deal I posted a few weeks ago…GOOD!  Fuggin just knocked $5 off the sale price.  The 120mL bottles are now available for only $5.99 each!  That’s like paying $1.50 per 30mL, which is an absolute bargain in my book.  There …

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Kilo Sour Series E-liquid 100mL (3 Flavors) $8.49

kilo sour series

This is one of the best Kilo deals I’ve seen in a while.  EjuiceConnect is selling the new Kilo Sour Series (100mL bottles) for $9.99.  Plus, you can get an extra 15% off with coupon code “SAS15”.  That should drop the total down to only $8.49.  I used to pay …

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Fresa Melon E-liquid 120mL BLOWOUT $2.99

fresa melon e-liquid

120mL of premium e-liquid for under 3 bucks?  Almost sounds too good to be true.  If you’re a fan of fruit flavors, head over to Flawless and jump on this deal before it’s too late.  They’re now selling the 120mL bottles of Fresa Melon E-liquid for only $2.99 each!  I …

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InA Bottle E-liquid 100mL BOGO Sale

The team over at Vaporider just informed me that they’re doing a BOGO Sale on InA Bottle E-liquid.  Purchase any 100mL for $19.99 and you can get a 2nd bottle for a penny!  No coupon code needed—a pop-up window should immediately open after you add the first bottle to your …

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