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DIY E-liquid: Creating Your First Recipe

DIY E-liquid: Creating Your First Recipe

Creating your first e-liquid doesn’t have to be difficult.  All you need are the right flavors, your other ingredients, a scale that measures in grams or syringes, and one important thing, an e-liquid calculator.  When it comes to mixing, flavors are the difference between an incredible mix and one that you don’t enjoy.  Thankfully, there are ways to find great mixes without starting from scratch on your own.  Take a moment and visit a great website that will help you not only find mixes you will enjoy but also give you the tools to make it your own:  These mixes have a rating system and I’m going to show you how to use that to your advantage.

This is the first screen you will see when you visit the e-liquid recipes website.  If you’ll notice there is a search bar to your left, and this is where you can type in the recipe you want.  As an example, let’s say you wanted to create a strawberry recipe.  You’d simply type in strawberry in the search bar and click search.  This will give all the strawberry recipes available on ELR (e-liquid recipes) and list them by the date they were created.  To discover which strawberry recipes are the best rated, you would simply click the rating button above the stars.  Your screen will now look like this.

There are thousands of recipes with strawberry flavoring. The ones at the top have been ranked by other mixers and are a great place to start.  I’ve created a new mix for you today that we will use in the example of how to adapt a recipe using the e-liquid recipe calculator.  To create the recipe, you will click on it.  This pulls the recipe up into a calculator format that you can adjust for the ingredients you have on hand.

By looking at this recipe you can see all the flavors you will need to create it.  I’ve kept this simple, with only five flavorings.  You’ll notice I use two strawberries in this recipe and there is a reason for that.  Strawberries like to fade over time, so they usually need a backup to make sure that flavor remains if you let it steep (put it away in a dark place to store).  Vanilla bean ice cream is a very simple ice cream and doesn’t require much help to make it delicious.  There are several different ice creams you can use, but this one is a classic and one that will work for many other recipes you create later.  I’ve added sweetener to this recipe because most people that vape store-bought e-liquids are accustomed to that.  The sugar cookie adds some texture, while also giving some sweetness to the recipe.

To adapt this recipe for the ingredients you have, you’ll click the blue wrench.  From the drop-down menu that appears, click adapt this. You’ll now see a screen that looks like this.

In the amount to make, you will put the size of the bottle of e-liquid you wish to make.   I always suggest mixing a new recipe in a 15 ml bottle to test.  If you like the mix, you can go back and make a large bottle later.  The desired strength is where you will put how much nicotine you wish to have in your e-liquid, if you do not use nicotine, you’ll change it to zero.  For your desired PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) you will put the amount you choose for your mix.  If you are mixing for a mouth to lung tank 50/50 is usually best.  For a sub-ohm tank 30 PG/70 VG are the most common mix.

If you are using nicotine in your e-liquid mix, you will want to list the milligram of the nicotine you are using in the nicotine strength tab.  Below the nicotine strength tab, you will choose whether your nicotine is in a VG base or a PG base.  The bottle of nicotine you purchase will say that on the label.  If you are not using nicotine at all you would simply type zero in the nicotine strength box.  The flavor percentages will not change.  So, the only thing left to do now is clicking save.   Once you’ve done that you are ready to mix up your recipe.

If you choose to mix with a scale, you will follow the Grams calculations.  If you are mixing with syringes, you will follow the ml calculations.  I suggest wearing gloves anytime you are mixing with nicotine.  I mix with grams, so now I would pull out my scale.  Place your bottle on the scale and add the ingredients in one at a time.  I use an Lb Weigh scale, which you can purchase on Amazon.  With this scale, you turn it on then click tare which clears the percentages back to zero.  After each ingredient is added, I click the tare button and move on to the next ingredient.  I do this until all the ingredients listed above are in my bottle.  Then I put on my bottle top, shake well, and place my new e-liquid in a cabinet to steep (rest).  Some flavors take time to steep, usually, your custards and creams, while others can be vaped after a good shake, usually those are fruits without added creams. You will notice above there is a suggested steep time and this is how you know when this recipe will be ready to vape.

Once you have made a few recipes, you’ll discover this isn’t difficult.  Before you know it, you’ll be coming up with your own recipes and discover that mixing can be a fun hobby and cost-efficient.  After you purchase your initial setup, including flavors, you can mix a 100 ml bottle for less than a dollar.  One of the greatest things about DIY is the ability to come up with your own flavor profiles.  I can’t wait to see your recipe on the ELR website!  Remember, DIY should be fun, and it’s all about how you like things.  I hope this tutorial has given you a nice basis to begin your DIY journey.  If you have any questions, I encourage you to join the ELR forum, where someone is always willing to help if you need it.

Michelle Hughes

I’m Michelle Hughes, a romance author, and DIY hobbyist.  I began vaping in 2015 after a COPD diagnosis from smoking for over 30 years. Vaping saved my lungs and I’ve made it my job to be an advocate for this incredible community.  As a former respiratory technician, I knew how dangerous smoking was, but I couldn’t quit with normal smoking cessation methods.  You can find my mixing website at, or follow me on twitter and on facebook.  Remember, vaping is the solution for the epidemic big tobacco created!

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