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Let’s Talk About Eightvape (AGAIN!!)

I just wanted to follow up on the Eightvape article I wrote a few weeks ago (full article below).  First of all, shoutout to DJ, who suggested that we stop promoting Eightvape deals until all of the holiday sales have been fulfilled and/or refunded.  That seemed like a logical suggestion, so that’s exactly what we did.

On January 17, the Eightvape team informed me that every order had finally been shipped out.  I decided to give it a bit more time, just to make sure everything got resolved.  As for me, I had 2 orders from Christmas week that were unfulfilled when I wrote the article.  Since then, both of my orders were delivered intact, and I also received the appropriate refund for all items that were OOS.  Now that that’s been worked out, I will continue shopping there, but that could change if history repeats itself.

I realize that a lot of people are still upset about the shipping delays and/or that OOS items in their orders were removed/refunded, but that’s beyond control at this point.  It was a bad situation for everyone, all we can ask is that they resolve the problems and improve things going forward.  Obviously, if you’ve lost confidence in them as a vendor, you have every right to stop shopping there.  That’s why (unlike some sites), we do our best to be 100% transparent.  When I first started writing for VAPE DEALS, one of the first things Mark (the owner) told me was to always make it clear where the link is going.  Our intention is not to trick you into clicking a link; if it’s directed to Eightvape, we’ll make sure you know so you can decide for yourself.

And now this conversation shifts to you guys.  Has everyone received their items and/or refunds?

Please keep me informed down in the comments section and I’ll try to help if I can.  Most of you don’t know me personally, but the truth is that I really care about this community and would never intentionally steer you in the wrong direction.  I wrote and posted all of those deals, so I feel partially responsible for the drama that ensued.  Now I just want to make sure you’ve been taken care of.

Jeremy V.

[Original Post]

Unfortunately, this is something that needs to be addressed.  Our credibility as a deals site is mutually tied to the credibility of the companies that we promote.  When you click our links, you are trusting us to send you to a reliable vendor.  That trust is important to us.  As most of you know, Eightvape usually has some of the best deals in the industry…but there is a reason they haven’t been featured on VAPE.DEALS for the past few days.  I’ve heard several complaints; specifically, that your holiday orders still haven’t shipped and/or you’ve been unable to get any customer support from them.  I decided it was best to stop featuring them on the site until I got to the bottom of it.  Thankfully, I was able to get some answers.

Summary of Issues

First of all, it seems their holiday deals were just too good.  They got completely overwhelmed with orders and didn’t have the resources to fill them in a timely manner.  I have been assured that they are working tirelessly to get everything out as soon as possible.

To make matters worse, they encountered an unexpected issue with their inventory.  To put it simply, they sold more items than they had in stock.  This was due to the high volume of sales that flooded their system during the holiday week.  If your order still hasn’t shipped, there’s a good chance that something in that order is no longer in stock.  Until recently, they were emailing every single customer and dealing with these cases individually, but with hundreds of daily customers, that would probably take months to accomplish.  To resolve this more efficiently, they plan on removing out of stock items from orders and sending out refunds for those items (and shipping the remainder of your order).  I realize this is extremely inconvenient, but that’s just how it is.  Their inventory was off and that is 100% their fault, but mistakes happen.  The important thing is that they’re trying to fix it and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

And lastly, this all occurred as they were in the process of restructuring their entire customer service department.  Talk about bad timing!  They have heard the various complaints and are actively trying to improve in this area, but the unexpected inventory issues are slowing that process down significantly.

The following is a message from Eightvape:

Due to the influx of orders received over the holiday season in conjunction with a restructuring of our CS department, our warehouse has experienced a significant delay in processing times and our CS team is working overtime on service tickets. Please accept our sincerest apologies along with this discount code for 10% off your next order.

MSG10OFF – Gives users a one time 10% discount off their order total.”


After speaking with some people over at Eightvape, I’m convinced they’re doing everything they can to fix these issues.  While these mistakes fall on their shoulders, they are trying to do right by their customers.  They’re just extremely overwhelmed right now as they’re attempting to dig out of this hole.  I’m in the same boat as some of you guys.  My 2 orders from Christmas week still have not shipped (because they included items that were OOS).  It’s frustrating, but now that I understand the trifecta of events that occurred, I feel more at ease with the situation.

For now, VAPE.DEALS will continue to feature deals from Eightvape.  That is, of course, as long as this is determined to be an unfortunate occurrence and not a regular thing.  If the situation doesn’t improve over the next few months, we may have to reevaluate our relationship with them.  As for myself, I will continue to shop at Eightvape for the time being.  Ultimately, that choice is yours to make as well.

Jeremy V.

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