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Savage CBD Drink Powder & Wellness Shot Review

Disclosure: The Savage CBD Drink Powder and Wellness Shots were sent to me without purchase for the purposes of review. You can use coupon code  “SavageReview” to get 15% off your next order.

Finally, CBD is being used in many different types of products.  Gone are the days of just having the choice between a pill or tincture.  Savage CBD is on fire right now with their line of products that can help you work a little CBD into your daily life.  Today we will be looking at two.  One for any time of the day, and another to give you a boost of energy.  First up we have Savage CBD Drink Powder in a very versatile Lemonade flavor.  Also, the Revive CBD Wellness Shot flavored as Citrus Punch.  This quick shot is designed to add a little pep in your step!  Let’s dive in and see what they’re all about, shall we?

Just a Little Bit of Science First

Savage CBD Drink Powder comes in three different flavors and contains 5mg per scoop.  That might seem like an extremely low dose of CBD but there is one key element that makes it extremely effective.  This drink mix uses Nano Spectrum CBD.  One of the biggest problems with edibles would be that even though the label may say 150mg of CBD, our bodies need to process this first before it is utilized.  When all is said and done, our bodies might only be utilizing half or less!  The human body has a much easier time making use of small particles as it needs to do a lot less work.  This is an oversimplification of the tech, but I believe it gets the point across.

Bioavailability and Why It’s Important

Ok, I promise we’ll get to the review.  I just feel that this is a real key aspect of these two products that most people will overlook.  Both the Savage CBD Drink Powder and the Revive CBD Wellness Shot are made with Nano Spectrum CBD.  These nanoparticles of CBD increase the bioavailability to the body.  Everything we consume gets processed through our liver and CBD is no exception.  The only problem is that when we consume a regular 25mg capsule of CBD, our liver may process most of it out as waste!  Nano Spectrum increases the bioavailability of CBD in the stomach before it ever reaches the liver.  This simply means that the CBD you ingest will begin absorbing into the body very quickly.

How to Use Savage CBD Drink Powder

It really couldn’t be any easier.  The container includes a tiny scoop, so you know you’re getting the right amount of the drink mix each time.  Just mix one scoop of Savage CBD Drink Powder with 8oz of water and you’re good to go!  This stuff mixes incredibly easy with water (as designed) so you don’t have to worry about any granules hanging out on the bottom of the cup.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try mixing up a small batch and fill up an ice-cube tray.  Once they are frozen, add them to your iced tea for a quick and easy Arnold Palmer style drink.  Why not try making CBD popsicles?  Just mix up a few servings of the drink mix and pour it into a popsicle mold and you’re all set!  The versatility of this drink mix is really where it shines.

How Does It Taste?

Is this something that I can see myself drinking all the time?  Well, at first, I wasn’t entirely sure.  The flavor is full-on lemonade, with a little hint of something else.  I believe that they did a fine job of masking the CBD flavor, but it is still there.  CBD is a hard taste to completely mask out of a drink, I understand that; I believe that the Savage CBD Drink Powder is as close to perfect as you could ask for.  I have found myself going back multiple times a day to have a glass, so that should tell you something!  Personally, I enjoy the taste and prefer it to other CBD drinks that I’ve come across.  You’re not getting a ton of sugar in this either.  It has just enough sugar content to make it a refreshing beverage without getting jacked on sugar.

Quick Acting Relaxation

As previously stated, Savage CBD Drink Powder contains 5mg CBD per 8oz serving.  You might be thinking this is a low dose of CBD, and you would be right. Remember the Nano Spectrum particles from earlier?  Regular edibles can take up to an hour before any beneficial effects are noticed.  Because of the special way this CBD is formulated I noticed a big difference.  The relaxation that I got from just one 8oz serving was noticeable within minutes.  Not only was it quick-acting, but the overall sense of wellbeing that I got from this Lemonade was much longer-lasting.  Who would have thought that 5mg of CBD could result in a calming effect like this?

In Need of a Quick Charge?

We have all had those days where you just can’t seem to stay alert.  Savage CBD has created what they like to call a CBD Wellness Shot named Revive.  This isn’t your typical caffeine shot you might find at the local gas station; this is so much more!  Revive CBD Wellness Shot contains Vitamin B3, B6, B12, vitamin C, ginseng, caffeine, electrolytes, and 25mg Nano Spectrum CBD.  If you are sensitive to caffeine, then you may consider only drinking half of the shot and see how that works for you.  I say that because there is 100mg of caffeine, as well as containing ginseng.  So now that we know what’s in it, let’s talk about the taste!

Truly an Acquired Taste

Revive is tarter than the drink powder, that’s for sure!  I know that this is supposed to taste like a citrus punch, but the taste was just not appealing to me.  In my opinion it had a very “medicinal” taste to it.  The same faint taste of Nano Spectrum present in the lemonade is in full force with this shot.  Savage CBD’s website states that a lot of people like to use this when they are hungover.  Personally, I couldn’t imagine trying to drink this if I was hungover, but to each their own.  I do see how it could be beneficial though because it includes a dose of vitamins, electrolytes, and caffeine.

Why Mix Caffeine and CBD

As someone who is sensitive to caffeine, I drank the whole shot and felt great!  There weren’t any signs of caffeine jitters, and with the inclusion of CBD, I felt more focused.  There is much information coming out about how CBD interacts with caffeine.  Although the jury is still out, studies suggest that it might negate some of the negative effects that are associated with caffeine consumption.  Based on my personal experience, that seems likely.  My energy levels have been great all day and the level of focus that I gained was amazing!  Savage CBD Drink Powder may taste better in my opinion, but there is no denying the laser-like focus that the CBD Wellness Shot provided.

There’s a Time and Place for Everything

I’m a huge fan of the Lemonade Savage CBD Drink Powder and CBD Wellness Shot!  When I’m looking to get a little extra relaxation, I reach for a cup of this Lemonade.  The taste is great and any time of the day it just gives me a great sense of mental relaxation!  While the Revive CBD Wellness shot isn’t very tasty, there is no denying the clear-headed energy and focus that it offers.  Since the Wellness Shot is just that, a small 2oz shot, I think it deserves a pass.  I will be keeping a few of these on hand for those days where I just can’t get going in the morning.  Now if you would excuse me, I’m going to relax in the Texas sun with some CBD Popsicles!


Hi, my friends call me Fancy.  CBD has been a big part of my life for quite a few years now.  Seeking out information and learning the ins and outs of the hemp plant is something I love.  However, what good is soaking up all that information if you can’t share it?  My biggest goal is to compile this information and bring it to you in a simple package.  I look forward to sharing what I know and learning together along the way.

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