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Savage CBD Roll-On (Full Spectrum Topical) Review!

Savage CBD Roll-On (Full Spectrum Topical) Review!

Disclosure: The Savage CBD Roll-On was sent to me without purchase for the purposes of review. You can use coupon code “25OFF” to get 25% off your next order (limited-time offer), or coupon code “SavageReview” to get 15% off.

Topical CBD applications are great, but paired with spearmint makes it that much more beneficial.  Did you know that the smell of spearmint alone is enough to help some people with some breathing problems?  That’s right!  Spearmint is known to be a great vasodilator.  Having headaches?  The use of spearmint oil topically has been shown to help alleviate the pain from a headache.  Just apply a little bit of Savage CBD Roll-On Essentials on your forehead or temples next time you’ve got a headache and try it for yourself.

Full Spectrum Relief with Added Essential Oils

If you’ve used CBD in any capacity, then you have no doubt seen “Full Spectrum CBD Oil” on the label.  Full Spectrum means that along with CBD, you are getting other cannabinoids in the mix.  It has been clinically proven that Full Spectrum is more beneficial than using Isolate or Broad Spectrum when it comes to effectiveness.  This isn’t to say that other types of CBD are inferior by any means, they just lack other beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.  There are more than 100 types of cannabinoids that scientists know of right now and are actively being studied.  If you want to know some of the cannabinoids that are in the Savage CBD Roll-On be sure to check out the lab results on their website.

Along with the other cannabinoids that are in “Essentials”, you are getting a few essential oils and aloe.  Aloe has some incredible properties on its own.  For many years it has been used topically to treat sunburn, rashes, skin irritation and so much more.  You don’t have to limit yourself in using aloe only when your skin is irritated, it can do wonders in keeping it hydrated as well!  While most people will be using this for various pain and inflammation, don’t let that prevent you from using it on skin irritation as well.  The soothing properties of aloe, cooling effect of spearmint, and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD come together to give you a powerhouse of benefits.

Pleasant Smell

The first aspect you will notice about this roll-on is the scent.  One of the essential oils used in the Savage CBD Roll-On is spearmint!  The smell is strong without being overbearing or astringent.  I find that most things that include mint tend to go a little heavy-handed in my opinion.  This spearmint is less like that of bubblegum and more of a fresh-picked mint.  Honestly, this is one of the best spearmint scents that I’ve come across.  While the smell is strong, it does dissipate quickly as it does absorb into the skin relatively fast.  That’s helpful though as you don’t have to wait forever to start feeling the benefits!  I have found that personally within 5 minutes I can begin to feel the pain-relieving effects in my muscles.

Conveniently Sized Bottle

Having muscle fatigue after a long session at the gym?  The convenient bottle size makes it perfect to throw in your gym bag.  There is something that is just so refreshing about the smell that I can’t put my finger on.  Spearmint is used in many places to reduce anxiety, so maybe even the smell of it is really helping me wind down after a good work-out.  I can tell you that my muscles do feel much better after I apply a little, especially on leg days!

Quick Absorption

Out of the other topicals that I’ve tried in the past, this absorbs the fastest.  Rarely am I happy with topical applications as many of them are too greasy and just sit on top of the skin forever.  That isn’t the case with the Savage CBD Roll-On.  If you apply the right amount, you can expect it to be absorbed within 5 minutes or so.  The “right amount” can be tricky to judge at first.  It could very well be that I am not very skilled with roll-on applicators, but half of the time I used too much and had to wipe the excess on another part of my body.  To avoid this, I’ve been applying only a little bit and then massaging it into the area.  This isn’t to say that the liquid pours out of the bottle or anything, it could just be my experience with roll-on applicators.


This is my first time trying a roll-on applicator and it did take a little getting used to.  So, how do you use it?  The Savage CBD Roll-On applicator does make it easy.  Just roll the applicator on the area that you want to treat with CBD and you’re good to go!  After you have applied as much, or as little as you want, then massage the topical into your skin.  The instructions state that it can be used up to 3 times a day.

Another great use for CBD topicals is on your hands.  We all use our hands throughout the day, so why not give them a little relief too?  CBD works great to relieve inflammation and generally by the end of a long day working, my hands are tired and achy.  The Roll-On makes it super easy to just dab a little on my knuckles and then rub it in.  Within minutes I could feel the relief.  This is really becoming my go-to topical lately just because it has so many different applications and the smell is quite nice.

I’ve also found that this works well on my face too.  After a shower when my pores are nice and open, I’ll take a little Savage CBD Roll-On and apply it to my face.  This has worked wonders on small dry spots.  The aloe and CBD work great in combination to give my skin a nice even look.  So, whether you are applying this in the morning, evening, or night, give your skin a little quick wash and then apply.  I’ve been using a bit every morning on my face, and I can honestly say my skin is appreciating it!  I’ve even been using it as an after-shave.  Just apply a little to your index and middle finger and massage it in.  The cooling essential oils, aloe, and CBD really do wonders for that occasional irritation I get after shaving.

Savage CBD Roll-On – Would I Recommend It?

There are so many uses for this Savage CBD Roll-On that it really is hard to not recommend it!  The fact that this product is Full Spectrum makes me love it even more as it includes many other cannabinoids.  The bottle size makes it convenient to have when you’re on the go or keep it in your medicine cabinet for strictly home use.  Whether you’re needing relief from sore muscles, achy joints, or you just want to give your skin a little relief, Essentials has got you covered.


Hi, my friends call me Fancy.  CBD has been a big part of my life for quite a few years now.  Seeking out information and learning the ins and outs of the hemp plant is something I love.  However, what good is soaking up all that information if you can’t share it?  My biggest goal is to compile this information and bring it to you in a simple package.  I look forward to sharing what I know and learning together along the way.

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