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Vaporesso Swag PX80 Review

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Starter Kit – Full Review!

The Vaporesso Swag PX80 Starter Kit in this review was provided by our friends over at Vaporesso (thank you!).  Feel free to refer to their site if you would like additional info on this device or any of their other products.


What now seems like a lifetime ago, I reviewed the Vaporesso Forz TX80 Starter Kit (What a bad, little mother that kit is!).  In the review, I explained how I was on a “rugged, durable, waterproof” kick, and how the kit checked off all the boxes.  Some kicks last and some are but fads.  I’m still on the wagon (more ways than one, ahem), but sometimes a change of pace is called for.  Sometimes you have to mix it up to keep everything fresh.  For instance, I collect pocket knives.  I like a knife to be strong, durable, and hold a good edge.  One that looks mean and can tackle any task.  Maybe a knife that can do more than one job, like pry or strip wire.

On the other hand, there are occasions a little refinement is the tune of the day.  Something sleek, classy, and subtle.  Maybe my aunt is getting married for the third time and I need to wear a shirt with buttons, pants with less than twelve pockets, and my nice sneakers that look like dress shoes from fifty feet away.  Since I’m still going to be carrying a pocketknife, why not dress it up a bit?  I’m thinking of something small and pocket-able, made of nicer material.  It should be pleasing to the eye, yet capable of getting the job done.

Black Swag PX80 Kit

If there is a vape version of that pocketknife, it would be the Vaporesso Swag PX80.

The new pod mod from Vaporesso is my vaping version of the perfect, third wedding pocketknife, minus the resentment and Miller High Life (the ultimate wedding beer because it’s “The champagne of beer!).  The PX80 is small, pocket-able, constructed of nice material, and very pleasing to the eye.  Not to mention it performs like a jungle machete!  So, let’s tuck in our shirts, comb our feathers, and get this Vaporesso Swag PX80 to the chapel!

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Pod Mod Kit Specs

  • Dimensions: 99.7mm x 47.9mm x 25.1mm
  • Colorways: Emerald Green, Imperial Red, Brick Black, Leather Brown, and Gunmetal Grey
  • Embedded IML Screen
  • Quad Leakage Protection
  • Adjustable Rotating Airflow
  • Axon Chip with 0.001s Insta-Fire
  • Cartridge Capacity: 4ml (Standard)/2ml (TPD)
  • Battery: External 18650 (Not included)
  • Display: 0.96” TFT Screen
  • Charging: Type-C, 5V/2A
  • Output Wattage Range: 5 – 80W
  • Coils: GTX 0.2Ω Mesh (45 – 60W) / GTX 0.3Ω Mesh (32 – 45W)
  • Output Modes: Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, Smart Wattage

Out of the Box

The packaging of the Vaporesso Swag PX80 is everything I have come to expect from Vaporesso.  The contents are packed neatly, with each component having its own compartment molded into the tray.  The box is sturdy with the outer sleeve describing the contents inside.

PX80 PackagingOne thing Vaporesso does that I appreciate is coloring the packaging to reflect the color of the product.  If the mod is red, you’ll know it by the color of the box.  It’s a minor detail, but it is very convenient. If you have waited a month for your mod to be delivered, it’s nice to know if it’s the color you ordered.  Instead of searching for a tiny sticker or small print indicating the color, it’s made obvious by the color of the packaging.  Some companies put no readily identifiable markings on the box, and only after you’ve torn and mangled the packaging to open it do you discover it’s not the right color.  Now you’re the proud owner of a hot pink Juul-looking device that has apparently been opened by a badger.  That’s hard to return.  And harder to explain to your coworkers.

Vaporesso packages their products like a company that knows what they’re doing.  If the package is well thought out, it gives you hope for what’s inside.  Their packaging is much like their products; clean, consistent, and reliable.  Here is what’s inside:

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Contents

Swag PX80 Kit Contents

  • Swag PX80 Mod
  • Swag Pod
  • GTX 0.2Ω Mesh Coil
  • GTX 0.3Ω Mesh Coil
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Reminder Card

The Swag Pod

Honestly, I am not much of a pod user.  I love a good, ol’ fashioned RDA or RTA.  I enjoy the DIY aspect of rebuildables.  It has become a bit of a hobby for me.  I do, however, see the appeal of pods and the convenience and performance they offer.  The Vaporesso Swag PX80 pod feels more like a sub-ohm tank to me.  Though it fits nicely in a recessed cavity like a pod, the interchangeable, high-performance GTX coils it utilizes gives a sub-ohm tank experience.

[Coil Installation]

PX80 Pod TankInstalling the coil is as you would expect.  The GTX coil presses tight and snug into the bottom of the pod, offering a near leak-proof seal.  Swapping out the coil is where the novelty comes in.  By turning the drip tip from a locked position to the unlock position, you are able to push down on the drip tip which forces the coil out of the bottom of the pod.  With the drip tip in the down position, the juice flow ports that feed the coil are sealed off.  This allows coil swapping even with a full tank!  During my testing of the device, I only had, at most, a bit of condensation collect in the pod port.

[Filling the Tank]

Filling the tank with ejuice is made simple with the fill port on the bottom of the pod.  Lift the rubber tab, angle the tank slightly, and fill.  The glass tank section offers good visibility to monitor juice levels and the 4ml capacity allows for a lot of puffing between refills.  The large air channels on the sides of the pod align with the ports in the mod’s deck, so adjusting the airflow is as easy as turning the pod.  The pod is held in its cradle securely with strong magnets.  There is not a bit of rattle when the pod is in the mod.

Vaporesso GTX Coils

Although I have said I prefer wrapping my own coils, if I were a replaceable coil man, I’d be a GTX man.  I have reviewed several products from Vaporesso and their coils never disappoint.

Now, that being said, the 0.2Ω coil that came with the PX80 had a short.  I am not about to hold Vaporesso to the fire for this one.  I’ve been vaping for a long time and I know how easily this can happen.  I’m sure if I were to make a stink, they would not only replace the defective coil but would send me an entire box.  Not because I do reviews of their products, but because that’s the type of company they are.  Coils are made in batch numbers I couldn’t count, so for one to sneak by that didn’t pass the test is understandable.  Of all the coils of theirs I have used, this is the only time I’ve had an issue.

Vaporesso Swag PX80 Starter KitIn general, the GTX line of coils is impressive.

They deliver thick clouds and outstanding flavor.  Depending on the juice you use, they can last a long time as well.  I used their GTX 0.8Ω coil in the Vaporesso GTX One and I got a solid month of use out of it.  The juice I was using had little to no sweetener and a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, so the juice would not gunk up the coil.  I eventually changed coils because the flavor became just a bit muted.

The GTX line offers a range of coils and resistances for every vaper.  Their higher resistances offer an outstanding experience for mouth to lung vaping.  The 0.3Ω that came with the Swag PX80 had outstanding flavor and even more impressive was that I was able to vape at the lowest wattage setting they recommend for that coil.  This prolongs the life of not only the coil but the battery as well.  On a single 18650 device, battery life is of high importance!

The Vaporesso Swag PX80 Mod

I’m going to try not to gush over this mod, you know, play it cool.  I reviewed the Vaporesso Swag II a while back, and I liked that device.  I LOVE this one.  Okay, my not gushing didn’t last long.  The Swag II and the PX80 are very similar, so why such a different reaction?  It’s complicated, like my aunt’s previous marriages.  Really, it’s not that complicated.  It’s the way it looks, its feel, and its size.  Of course, the performance is there, but it performs like you would expect from the Axon Chip, perfectly.  I’ll get to that.

Vaporesso Swag PX80 ScreenThe mod looks classic and new at the same time.  When I first pulled it out of the box I thought great, the one I got doesn’t have a screen.  Pop in a 18650 battery and the embedded IML screen bursts through what appears to be a solid panel.  Smooth and well hidden, the 0.96″ screen displays, in color, all the data the Axon chip provides.  Wattage, battery life, smart wattage recommended range, resistance, volts, timer, and puff counter.  As a nice bonus, you can change the color theme to your preference.

The Vaporesso Swag PX80 feels solid.  It’s not light but it is also not so heavy that it won’t ride easily in a front shirt pocket.  I can’t say what metal it is made from.  Mods are generally built with a cost-effective alloy, and this one probably is as well, but it feels sturdy.  I like a little weight in my devices because it instills confidence.  This feels substantial but not burdensome.  The side with the display is smooth, encased in plastic, while the backside is a bit leathery and soft.  A pleasure to hold!

The Vaporesso Axon Chip

I won’t go into too much detail about the Axon chip because I have reviewed it before and not a whole lot has changed.  To say the mod fires quickly is an understatement.  Immediately would be a better description.  Although temperature control is not an option on this one, it does have Smart Wattage and variable voltage.  I’m a variable wattage man, always have been; like my daddy and his daddy before him.  The Smart Wattage mode is so accurate and convenient, all you have to do is put in the coil and it adjusts the wattage automatically.  As I previously mentioned, I go to the bottom of the recommended range to increase the life of the coil and battery, and I don’t think the quality of the vape suffers at all.

PX80 AIO KitOn these little devices, I find myself using the charging cable almost exclusively.  If I’m hauling around spare batteries, I lose the benefit of its small and compact size.  The Type-C charging cable charges the device from absolute zero to 100% in less than an hour.  I know we hear all the reviewers say never to use the charging cable to charge the batteries.  Maybe they’re right, but since built-in chargers have been on mods since I began vaping, I would hope they have evolved with the devices.  I can’t tell you with certainty that charging the batteries via the cable is the way to go.  I can only tell you how I use the device.

[Navigating the Axon Chip]

Three clicks of the power button locks and unlocks the adjustment buttons.  The power and the ‘up’ button displays the software version.  And finally, the ‘up’ and the ‘down’ button, when held together, enter into the menu.  Simply scroll with the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons and press the power button to make your selection.  It is all very simple and intuitive, making for a straightforward and pleasurable experience.

The Vape

Lately, I have been vaping primarily from mouth to lung.  I’ve found the higher nicotine and the cigarette-like experience have been satisfying lately.  When Jeremy asked if I would consider doing this review, I was a bit reluctant because I was out of the direct to lung vaping habit.  I am excited to say vaping the Vaporesso Swag PX80 has re-lit the love for direct to lung vaping.

Vaporesso Swag PX80With the airflow control open, the vape is as cool and airy as I want it to be.  With a simple turn of the pod, I can dial the airflow down for a warm and more flavorful vape.  I feel I am getting the same vape quality as some of my bigger, higher-powered devices.  All the adjustments through the chip are easy to make and allow for a truly customized experience.  The device is comfortable and convenient to tote around.  I am getting very good battery life with where I have the power set, and the 4ml tank capacity keeps me vaping for good lengths at a time.

Pros and Cons


  • Style: looks amazing, the hidden screen is beautiful
  • Size: very compact, easy to carry in a pocket
  • Comfortable: fits nicely in the hand, smooth corners, and cushioned in the palm
  • Performance: GTX coils are hard to beat, Smart Wattage dials it in perfectly for most vapers
  • Innovative: the coil replacing system is smart and done cleanly and leak-proof with a full tank

[Cons – Mostly Subjective]

  • No temperature control (Not that I use that function anyway!)
  • The drip tip is not interchangeable
  • One of my coils was faulty (I’d be willing to bet you won’t have that experience!)
  • The up and down buttons are very close together making it hard to differentiate the two

Vaporesso Swag PX80 – Final Thoughts

I have vaped and reviewed a lot of Vaporesso products and I’ve yet to find a company that is more consistent and reliable.  I know when I’m getting into a Vaporesso product to review, there will be very few (if any) negative things to report.  The Vaporesso Swag PX80 was no different.  It lives up to every expectation I have of Vaporesso.  From the packaging, coils, hardware, and to the vape experience itself, every expectation is met or exceeded.

Red Swag PX80 KitThere isn’t much I would change about this device.  Maybe a couple of things I would like to see:  I would love to see an interchangeable drip tip.  Perhaps offer a spare 510 drip tip to accommodate the mouth to lung vapers.  The GTX coils for mouth to lung vapers are already available.  The large drip tip that comes with this kit would not be suitable for mouth to lung vaping.  Also, I would love a version, perhaps the PX100 or PX120, that uses a 21700 battery.  As efficient as the Axon Chip is, imagine the battery life of a 21700.  I would trade a little size for more capacity!  And finally, a 510 connection adapter would be a nice option.  To be able to use your tank or RDA on this beautiful device would incredible.

I can’t recommend the Vaporesso Swag PX80 enough.  Whether you’re new to vaping or an old-timer that appreciates convenience, this kit will not disappoint.  It’s comfortable to hold and carry and super good looking!  I’m hoping my aunt gets married again because I have the perfect vape device to match this formal and classy attire.


Shane is a former smoker turned vaper, and now a hobbyist in financial turmoil. His get rich slow scheme involves sharing his opinions, educated or not, on anything vape related.  But first and foremost, his belief is vaping will save your life.  Shane is an outdoor government employee and fully expects the crackdown to begin with him, since he vapes freely and openly, albeit politely, and often uses city property for the backdrop of his vape photos. In his free time, he enjoys stressing about being more productive and regretting every terrible decision he has ever made. He feels switching to vaping is one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

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