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Wotofo Manik Mini Review

Wotofo Manik Mini Pod System – Full Review!

Disclosure: The Manik Mini Pod System in this review was provided by our friends over at Wotofo. For a limited time, you can use coupon code “VapeDeal15” to get an extra 15% off your order (one use per customer / excludes bundle deals).


Wotofo has been venturing into the world of pod systems recently with their new Manik line. This will be the first pod I have ever reviewed, so come join me on this trip to the wild world of pod systems. Buckle up and hold on tight as we take a deep dive into this little flavor banger called the Wotofo Manik Mini.

Brief History of Wotofo

Wotofo is known for its wide range of devices, including the famous Profile and Recurve lines, as well as the Faris RDTA, the cubed-shape Atty3, and much more. They are, and probably always will be, on the front line of innovation when it comes to being reliable and well-priced since their inception in 2012.

I started my vaping journey using Wotofo products due to the many recommendations from shops and online forums. They hold a special place in my heart, and I will always recommend them to new and veteran vapers searching for new devices.

Wotofo Manik Mini Pod System

I was very skeptical to see how Wotofo would keep the unique and iconic aesthetics of their brand and transpose them onto a pod system. SPOILER ALERT – I was not disappointed at all. As soon as I opened the box, I could feel and see that it was a Wotofo product. They have managed to keep their originality and morph it into a small compact pod system. I have to say I really do like this product and have already managed to go through 120mls of liquid since receiving it. It’s a real flavor banger.

What’s in the Box

Disclaimer: I have only included what I received in my box, it may differ slightly from what is released.

  • Wotofo Manik Mini Pod ModWotofo Manik Mini Packaging
  • Refillable 0.6Ω nexMesh Pod
  • Refillable 0.6Ω wire Pod
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Wotofo has kept the classic black and green packaging which we all know and love.

Wotofo Manik Mini Specifications

  • Dimensions: 92 x 28 x 16mm (with pod installed)
  • Net Weight: 64g
  • Zinc Alloy + PCTG Construction
  • Output Power Range: 1 – 30W
  • E-liquid Capacity: 3ml (Standard Edition) / 2ml (TPD Edition)
  • Coils & Resistance
    • M11 Parallel Coil 0.6Ω
    • M12 nexMESH Coil 0.6Ω
  • Display: 0.69’’ OLED Screen
  • Side Fill Design
  • Side Airflow System
  • Built-in 1000mAh Battery
    • Micro USB Charging Port
    • Charging Current: DC 5V/1.2A
    • Charging Time: 60 minutes
  • Colorways: Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Beige, Black, and Gold

Design & Performance


Manik Mini Pod System

The mod consists of an internal 1000mAh battery which is more than enough to run the pod at a steady 19 watts for an entire day. I got nearly two days of use out of the battery whilst vaping at 17 watts.  This is great for any new vapers who dislike the idea of having to continuously charge the device throughout the day.

Wotofo has gone for a very sleek look when designing the Manik Mini. The stitched leather on both sides of the pod makes it look very refined and mature (especially in the black leather and red stitching that I received). The Zinc alloy body of the battery section feels extremely well-made and sturdy, and the curved edges feel nice in the hand.

The small size is a major change in my way of vaping. I am used to using big beefy dual 18650 mods or 21700 tube mechs which have some serious weight to them. This pod system is very lightweight and, even with my smaller than average hands, it feels like the weight of a pen in my hand.

As I am a clumsy person who can actually trip over his own feet, I am prone to dropping things. I have honestly dropped the Manik Mini at least 8 times. Guys, let me tell you this device is strong like an ox.  Not a single chip, dent, or abrasion. I have always thought pod systems were flimsy and prone to breaking, but Wotofo has made such a sturdy device that I wouldn’t worry if I just chucked it in the bottom of my bag or the glove compartment. I trust it would not get dented or ruined in any way. This is a testament to the impeccable quality of Wotofo’s products.


I am loving the one-button system on this device. It makes it ridiculously easy to use, and when combined with the perfectly sized 0.69” OLED screen, it’s also easy to see.

Manik Mini Screen

[Quick Function Guide]

  • 5 clicks turn the device On and Off
  • Holding the button down resets the Puff Counter
  • 3 clicks to unlock the adjustable wattage settings
  • Single clicks to turn up the wattage (1-watt increments)


As you might know, I am a stickler when it comes to airflow, so I was skeptical when I first tried the Wotofo Manik Mini.

[First Impressions]

Wow, a round of applause for Wotofo again. They have managed to create a smooth, quiet, and nigh on the perfect mouth-to-lung device. They managed to place the airflow slots in such a way that you never cover the airflow slots when holding it.

Manik Mini AirflowI had to pull this bad boy apart to get a better understanding of how they have managed to create such a silky-smooth airflow. To my absolute surprise, Wotofo has found a simple way to create this type of airflow feel. The airflow runs through the airflow slot, down the side of the pod, and up into the coil head. No extra moving parts or complicated system is needed. This means you get the perfect vape from the first pull to the last.

The Pod

[Whistle Tip Style Drip Tip]

Wotofo Manik Mini Drip TipRight of the bat, I thought the whistle tip pods looked ridiculously huge and pointless. I disliked it from the first time I saw it. After vaping it, I can say that it is the most comfortable drip tip I have ever used. It is a proprietary drip tip, so it is molded into the pod.

[The Pod Itself]

Manik Mini PodThe pod itself is a well-made, unimposing device and it’s extremely simple to use. The coil heads are built into the pod so all you need to do is fill and vape it. The fill port is on the side of the pod held in by a rubber gasket. If you don’t have nails it will be a pain to open. I have to use my ceramic tweezers to get a grip on the gasket to open it.

Nice big fill port with absolutely no issues filling it to the top. The smoked plastic does not impede on seeing your liquid level at all which is a bonus.

The pod is held in place by magnets which are located on the bottom of the pod and the top of the battery.

I have had absolutely no issues with the pod coming unstuck or falling off. I have pulled it out of my pocket by the drip tip and had no issues with it coming loose.

[0.6Ω nexMesh Pod Performance]

The pod states it’s best to vape between 15 – 18 watts.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and solid vape experience I had with this pod. The nexMesh managed to pick up all the notes of the liquid I was using without having to run it at a high wattage.

I have never run a device this low; I normally vape at 100 – 120 watts on all my devices and this pod blew me away. The vapor production is on point for a good mouth-to-lung. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone looking for a direct lung vape. At a push, you could probably use this pod for restricted direct lung, but it’s much better suited to mouth-to-lung vaping.

I have been using this pod (along with the other pod) for well over a week and it’s still going strong. There are no signs of any burnt cotton or leaking which is always a bonus.

[0.6Ω Wire Pod Performance]

The pod states it’s best to vape between 18 – 22 watts.

This is by far my favorite of the two pods provided, you get a satisfying crackle from the coils within the pod which always brings a smile to my face. Who doesn’t love a good crackle on their coils?

Vapor production is more than the nexMesh Pod, and the flavor is more rounded. It somehow ties the flavor notes together better than the nexMesh pod. I stuck at a solid 20 watts and loved every second of vaping it.

My Thoughts and Opinions

I found reviewing the Manik Mini Pod System a struggle. Due to the simplicity of the product and the “plug and play” design, it was hard to go into too much detail about how each section works.

I have to say, for a pod system it is a cracking device. If I would have had this when I started vaping, I would have quit straight away and not had to dual-use for a long time.

The vapor production and flavors are second to none. Wotofo knocked it out of the park again with being able to nail everything they have put their heart and mind to.

The design quality is exceptional, giving it a very mature adult feel. This should make it more appealing to older vapers who don’t want to walk around with a multi-colored device that weighs about as much as a 6 pack of beer.

[A Couple of Cons]

There are some issues that I have come across. Yes, they are my personal opinions but I do feel they need to be addressed.

There is no need for Wotofo to have a massive Manik sign stamped across the whole side of the leather. It does bring the appeal down and makes it look a little cheap. Thankfully, on the one I received (black), it’s not as noticeable, but some of the other colors look horrendous. I personally would have left it off or made it small along the bottom of the device.

My final issue is that the coil heads are not replaceable. This is not only because of the environmental impact of wasting all that plastic but also because these coil heads are so good! If they would have sold them separately to put into a reusable pod, it would mean that other Wotofo kits could use them. This would open their market and allow them to diversify their products. I felt that this was a huge design flaw on their part.

Wotofo Manik Mini – Final Thoughts

If you are a new vaper and still puffing on those cigarettes whilst you are reading this, then please go and buy a Wotofo Manik Mini Pod System. If you draw on this like a cigarette, it will satisfy your urge to smoke with its fantastic flavor and will help curb those nicotine cravings. Plus, it’s much smaller than a box of cigarettes and a little bigger than a lighter.

I feel this kit could take the limelight off other popular pods (like the Uwell Caliburn G) and become a blueprint for other companies when making pod systems. On a personal note, I have not picked up my mech all this time and have kept going back to the Manik Mini. It’s just a delight to vape and hits the spot every single time.

Closing Sentence: Wotofo, you have smashed it with this pod system. Keep up the good work!

Adam Sloane

Adam Sloane

Vaping was the only way I managed to quit those stinky, deadly combustible cigarettes. I can’t thank the community enough for being such great people, helping me through the plethora of different devices, liquids, and vape science. I love getting my hands on new and old devices and breaking them down to see how they work. As I build my own coils, I like nerding out on airflow positioning and coil position for the greatest experience possible. Come join me on my adventures taking deep dives into the latest devices on the vaping scene.

Come say hi to me on Instagram @thecloudcarteluk

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