iwodevape resin drip tip

Iwodevape Resin Drip Tip 5-Pack (Free Shipping) $6.08+

I was just digging through the new arrivals over at Fasttech and found some drip tip deals that I thought were worth sharing with you guys.  They have 3 different Iwodevape Resin Drip Tip 5-Packs available.  You can pick up the standard 510 size for $6.08, the 810 Goon/Kennedy Style for $7.14, or the 810 honeycomb version (with o-rings) for $9.26.  We’re talking $1.21 – $1.85 each, which ain’t too bad at all.  And, just to sweeten the deal, all of these items qualify for Worldwide Free Shipping too.

$6.08 Iwodevape Resin 510 Drip Tip (5-Pack)


$7.14 Iwodevape Resin 810 Drip Tip (5-Pack)


$9.26 Iwodevape Resin Drip Tip / 810 Honeycomb (5-Pack)



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