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Aleader Resin 810 Drip Tip Pack (8 Colors) $6.99

Aleader Resin 810 Drip Tip Pack (8 Colors) $6.99

Here’s your chance to pick up an assortment of 810 drip tips for a great price.  The team over at Eightvape has an 8-pack (with 8 different colorways) of resin Aleader 810 drip tips on sale for just $6.99.  No coupon code is needed to get the price.  Not a bad deal considering that it breaks down to just a little less than 90 cents per drip tip.  Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments down below.


510 Drip Tip Set (10 Pieces) + Free Shipping $4.26

510 Drip Tip Set (10 Pieces) + Free Shipping $4.26Here’s an impressive deal on an item that’s been sitting on my wish list for a while.  Fasttech has a 10-piece 510 Drip Tip Set available for only $4.73.  Even better: their Mid-April Sale is still going, which means you can get an additional 10% off your entire order.  Just apply coupon code “MIDAPR10” at checkout and you’ll be looking at just $4.26 total!  That’s a fantastic price considering everything that’s included.  Each set comes with 2 bases (Black and SS) and 8 different top pieces.  Plus, you’ll get Worldwide Free Shipping too, which is always a nice little bonus.  Just remember that the coupon code officially expires TODAY (April 18), so there’s no time to lose.

Use Coupon Code: MIDAPR10 (expired)

Drip Tip Deals! Several Options + Free Shipping $0.66+

Drip Tip Deals! Several Options + Free Shipping $0.66+I’ve been bookmarking a ton of Drip Tip Deals over at Fasttech lately, so I thought I’d throw everything into a single post for you guys.  They’ve got some great options available for some very low prices.  You can pick up a 4-pack for as low as $2.63.  We’re talking $0.66 each…not bad at all!  They even have Stabilized Wood 810 Tips on sale for only $4.98.  And, of course, all of these deals include Worldwide Free Shipping too, which is a huge bonus.  I’ve previously ordered some of the VapeSMOD (810) and Skullvape (510) 4-packs, and they’ve become some of my favorites.  The only downside is that the colorways are shipped at random, but you’re basically getting 4 for the price of 1, so I think it’s worth the gamble.

Drip Tip Deals @3fvape: 3x 810 Drip Tips for $0.49!

Drip Tip Deals @3fvape: 3x 810 Drip Tips for $0.49!If you’re a drip tip junky (like me!), I’d recommend heading over to 3fvape.  They’ve got a bunch of great deals going right now.  First of all, they now have 2 different listings for FREE 810 drips tips.  That’s right, you can get one of each for free with every order!  No coupon code is needed, but you will need to add them to your cart (use the first 2 links down below).  Just please keep in mind that they will be selected at random.  Also, you can only take advantage of these offers once per order.  If you want more than 1, they will cost you $0.29 each…which is still a crazy deal.

They’ve also got some random resin 810 and 510 drip tips on sale for only $0.49 each (last 2 links below).  This means that you could potentially get 3 tips for a total of $0.49, which makes this one of the best accessory deals I’ve posted all year.  There are plenty of other options available too, and most of them are in the $1 – $2 range.  Stop by and have a look for yourself.  And don’t forget to log into your account before you start shopping to get the lowest possible prices.

AVCT Drip Tips 12-in-1 Kit (Resin 510 / 810) $5.99

AVCT Drip Tip 12-in-1 Kit (Resin 510 / 810) $5.99This is pretty cool.  Lukas (our e-liquid reviewer) pointed out this AVCT Drip Tip Kit to me a while back when 3fvape was selling it.  Unfortunately, they’ve since sold out…but I finally found another vendor that has them available.  You can now order one from 2fdeal for only $5.99.  Not a bad price considering everything that’s included.  The kit comes with a 510 base, an 810 base, a top piece, and 6 unique resin sleeves.  So basically, you can mix and match to create up to 12 different tips.  Pretty cool, right?  I realize that some manufacturers have implemented this concept before, but I’d certainly like to see more of it (especially in this price range).

There are 2 different options to choose from: white and black.  Please note that those colorways are referring to the base and top piece sections; the resin sleeves appear to be the same for both.  Shipping isn’t free…but it’s only $2, which isn’t bad at all.

AVCT 12-in-1 Kit

  • Diameter 15mm
  • Height 18mm
  • POM and Resin Construction
  • Connector Diameter: 7.5mm / 12.5mm
  • Includes: 810 Compatible Base, 510 Compatible Base, Top Piece, and 6 Resin Sleeves
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