tfv8 extension tank

TFV8 Extension Tank and Drip Tip (TFV12 Also Available) $9.99

If you’ve had your Big Baby Beast or TFV12 for a while and want to give it a fresh look, check this one out.  The City is selling the TFV8 Extension Tank (7.5mL capacity) with a matching drip tip for only $9.99.  They have 2 different sizes available (TFV8 Big Baby Beast and TFV12 Cloud Beast King) so just make sure you select the appropriate option.  You can also choose from 6 different colorways: white, red, purple, light blue, lime green, or dark blue.  Shipping is FREE when you spend $50 or more.

*Just a reminder, EightVape still has a killer deal going on the Smok TFV12: only $18.99!  I’ll leave the link below in case you’re interested.

$9.99 TFV8 Extension Tank & Drip Tip

(TFV12 Also Available)


$18.99 Smok TFV12 Sub-ohm Tank



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