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DotMod dotSquonk 20700/18650 Mech Squonker $89.99

Here’s something we don’t see every day: a brand new mechanical squonker!  Oh, wait…we do see those every day, don’t we?  =)  But, I gotta say, this one is lookin’ especially nice.  The new DotMod dotSquonk has finally hit the virtual shelves over at the city.  It’s surprisingly affordable too: only $89.99 with FREE shipping.  Not the cheapest squonker on the market, but not bad for a DotMod product.  They currently have 2 colorways in stock: black and gold (red and blue are also available for pre-order).

I should also mention that the 24mm DotRDA (includes BF pin) is still on sale over at Eightvape for $34.99.  Looks like the perfect RDA to pair with the DotMod dotSquonk.  It’s almost hard to believe they’re not selling these 2 as a kit.

$89.99 DotMod dotSquonk Mech Mod @Ecig-City


$34.99 DotMod 24mm DotRDA (w/ BF Pin)


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  1. Ninety bucks for a mech…y’all have lost yer damn minds.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Fran! I knew this deal wouldn’t be for everyone. There are definitely cheaper options on the market now. But…there are SIGNIFICANTLY higher-priced mech squonkers out there too. I’m sure DotMod fans would agree that $90 is a fair price for this one, considering some of the DotMod attys retail for more than that.

  2. Andrew Stratmann

    Affordable…come on brah😂 atleast a little explanation on what makes it so expensive? Sqounkers are so basic which makes them appealing, hence making dripping much more efficient/enjoyable(for some), they are typically cheaper for this exact reason. From the research i have done can be made for less than $15, i know dot does have a reputation for high quality products but outside the large reservoir/20700 compatibility theres nothing special here. Considering 20700 have had mixed results, and only few mods actually use them its a slight pro. This mod provides nothing at all besides a dotmod logo that would rationalize such a high price. 24k gold plated pin for low voltage drop couldnt. Then again your job is to advertise products so i understand your doing what you do.

    • Hi, Andrew. Thanks for asking such a great question: why are authentic mechs so expensive? That’s harder to answer nowadays, with so many quality mechs hitting the market at affordable prices. But that’s just how it is. I suppose it all comes down to demand, build quality, and reputation. Consider how the Broadside Admiral has been highly praised for being such an affordable mech…and it has a price tag of $120+! I know, it’s just a tube…seems like it should be cheaper. But again, that’s just how it is. You’re right—the advantages of this mod are basically the Dotmod logo and the design (and possibly, the build quality…but that’s TBD). I can’t justify the price…but Dotmod is never going to put their products on the same level as Vandy Vape, Geekvape, etc. Some people are willing to pay more for that, others aren’t. And it’s totally fine either way. To each, their own. There’s always going to be a high-end market…and believe it or not, $90 is dirt cheap once you start shopping the high-end stuff :/

      Just for the sake of clarity: although this site does have advertisers, my job here is NOT to advertise products. I just want you to understand that. I search the web every day, trying to find the best deals on the most highly-demanded products. My paycheck is not determined by any manufacturer or vendor. I’m a consumer like you. This site allows me to document my findings, which is awesome…and I hope it helps people find deals on products that they’re looking for. I know several people had this mod on their wish list, and Ecig-City had the best price, which is why I decided to share it with you guys.

      Thanks again for writing! It was definitely a topic worth addressing.



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