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KK Vapetek Atomizer Coil Jig $17.95

Here’s a pretty interesting accessory for those of us that rebuild our own coils. Introducing the KK Vapetek Atomizer Coil Jig. It’s basically a tool that makes wrapping coils a lot easier and consistent. The KK Vapetek coil jig includes 1/16″, 3/32″, and 1/8″ wrapping posts. But it’s not limited to those sized. The set screw hole will accept up to 9/64″ if you want to use your own larger rods. Take a second to check out the demo video below and tell me what you you guys think about this product.

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  1. Looks good. I think they missed the mark just slightly by not using metal thumb screws instead of nylon ones

  2. Looks nice, and I can see how it could help with consistency. Looking at his ohm meter in the background got me thinking. A better product would be something that combines one of those cheap ohm meters with a coil jig like this one. Two birds, one stone. Get it cheaply manufactured overseas, charge $20 (plastic) or $50-$60 (metal) for it and you would sell THOUSANDS.

  3. I definitely approve! Ill venture a guess at an accessory rod set in future, I like Mitch’s idea of a built in ohm meter. Ill probably stick with my drill bits for now and see what they come up with down the road for sure.

  4. I think that it should have 2 of each post, for dual coil builds

  5. Hmm, I like the concept, but I think it needs to evolve a bit more before I would buy a jig for that. The only extra I see out of this is that it will hold your post for you as you are wrapping. Only benefit I see… Now if they made it to where you just had to wrap around the post once, and use a thumb screw to get the rest of your wraps… MEanwhile, each turn of the thumbscrew is wrapping them nice and tight together for microcoil builds or something. But hey, to each their own! This could help some out for sure :P.

  6. A brilliant simple design. The ability to clamp one lead sold me on this so I’m not forced to hold it with my thumb while wrapping. At the $17 price it was a no brainer. I expect to wrap better, tighter coils with this rig. I do like the idea of seeing an upgrade to this product by adding an ohm meter. The nylon screws are a disappointment but I plan on finding a metal replacement for those to be able to torch wire on the device. Now I won’t need my five pound bench clamp every time I build a coil.

  7. The nylon screws killed it for me, the dark zero though sub par in my opinion at least allows you to torch your coils.
    I’d expect if this where cloned even they would NOT use nylon screws, that frankly is beyond stupid & to tout Made in the USA?
    Come on, even the Chinese clone’s would do better than that!
    Nice try but I stick with my screw driver.

    • Ahh a darkzero buttbuddy. Let me educate your hate… darkzeros crappy jig is steel. This one is aluminum. The steel screws will tear the holes apart over time, thus the need for the nylon screws. They wear out you can replace the screws.. the holes wear out you’re screwed. Go back to ecf and be ignorant there.

      • I’m not sure what your problem is but as I said, “dark zero though sub par” Do You understand what I said?
        Doubtful, I was attempting to say this looked like a decent project and as far as your crap about nylon screws, and hate WTF, you are the ignorant ass, all screws and threading will where out after awhile but mean time you’d at least be able to torch your wire, and WTF with the ECF comment, I don’t know you and I am not a member of that site so not sure what your problem is except maybe your the idiot that came up with the nylon screw idea, I’m always looking for some easier way to make my coils and did think this was a good product as I said, so until I find something worth the money I keep making them by hand and as far as you, you need to chill idiot!!

    • ahhh the old trick where you say it looks decent while talking shit… im not involved with this product at all. I just hate how people like your dumbass come in talking shit about something because you like someone else’s product better..

      • Come on guys… let’s squash it. No need for vape drama over an atomizer coil jig. =)

      • I’m with you GotSmok, Wow can’t believe how angry this guy got at me over a jig but I had to come back just to see what response I got to my last post, love punishment I suppose.
        This is a good design, and can’t believe someone got this mad over my comment about nylon screws, hell just use metal thread inserts in the aluminum block and you could heat your wire and use metal screws. That’s all I’m thinking and it’s far better design all in all over the dreaded not to be mentioned other steel product that even looks like it’s rusting in there vid and doesn’t have a storage compartment for your jig pins like this one does. So I will probably buy one just to prove I”M NOT A HATER LMAOF and then just finish the build myself LOL with Metal *****’s See didn’t say the dreaded word, LOL
        Sorry GotSmoke and I love getting your email everyday and the info on who’s got what going, fantastic.
        And to my arch enemy I guess… LOL.. Chill out buddy, it’s just a comment about S***W’s or I could just say YOU have a S***w lose.. Hell I use nylon screws, oh crap I said the word, in my RBA’s so how could I be a nylon screw hater.. LOL
        P.S. I’m lying about the screws in my RBA’s, thought I’d better clarify.
        Wow have never got hate mail like that, oh my ☺

  8. lots of micro-coilers are using a jewelry wire jig. its got a crank handle and multiple rods. personally, i have an easy time just wrapping by hand on a drill bit, but the jigs do look nice. this one gets great reviews in the micro coil thread on ecf. plus its like six bucks.

  9. SOLD OUT, crap and I say that because I fully love this design frankly and it’s 99% done and I will bore and insert metal threaded inserts with metal screws and it will be perfect, I think, we’ll see.
    Thanks GotSmoke another great referral plus I have always liked Vapor King, also followed one of your links to 88evape and spent like $140, SVD, MVP2 and some other stuff, they have the VTR on the CHEAP and the Kayfun clone, problem is I can’t seem to get straight info about that clone from them, but the site is worth taking a browse and the prices might surprise.

  10. I’ll stock with my qvapes Coiler from thing rocks!

  11. Also why wouldn’t that associated contented first torch his coils betwixt a pair of tweezers? Retard



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