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san francisco e-liquid flavor ban

San Francisco E-liquid Flavor Ban – Take Action!

I’m sure many of you have heard about this already, but I think it’s extremely important so I wanted to send out the word.  CASAA announced earlier today that the San Francisco E-liquid Flavor Ban has passed.  The board will vote again next week in hopes of making the decision final.  This is not just limited to San Francisco residents, it could potentially affect all of us.  If it does go through, the San Francisco E-liquid Flavor Ban will likely be used to support anti-vaping proposals in other states.  Please read below for more info.

It’s not too late to do something about it.  Click the “Take Action” link below and you’ll be redirected to a page with a pre-written form/letter.  All you have to do is input your name/address/email/phone and click “Send Email.”  It will literally require 20 seconds of your time and every email helps.  Please pass this along to others and share on social media if you can.  The VAPE DEALS community has over 50,000 followers…that’s a big voice.  Let’s make sure the San Francisco Board of Supervisors hears it!

San Francisco E-liquid Flavor Ban – CASAA (6/22/17):

“In a surprise move, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the ordinance that will ban the sale of flavored e-liquid and smoke-free tobacco products within the city. Although this move could be dismissed as expediting the process, it doesn’t make this ordinance any less reckless and dangerous. The Board will vote one more time, next week, to make the decision final.

But the Board’s decision doesn’t mean we have to quietly take their abuse. On the contrary, we must voice our opposition and do it loudly!

What happened in San Francisco is just the start of a shortsighted policy movement that will restrict our access to low-risk tobacco and nicotine products. Anti-vaping activists in New Jersey and New York City will use San Francisco’s decision as support for their own proposals. And we should all be aware that proposals to ban or limit flavors are being discussed in Washington, DC.

This is not just about San Francisco. The Board of Supervisor’s decision has NATIONAL consequences.

If smoke-free products that come in flavors other than tobacco have helped you significantly reduce or quit smoking, please take action NOW! (This is not limited to residents of San Francisco).”

Take Action!


Jeremy V.

My name is Jeremy and I’ve been writing for VAPE.DEALS since early 2016.  Digging for deals is what I do!  I’m a former 15-year smoker and will always be grateful that I found vaping when I did.  This site played a key role in my journey.  It kept me interested and excited about vaping during those first crucial months away from cigarettes.  Now, my ambition is to pass along that excitement to others; to help people make the switch and never return to combustible cigarettes.  This industry is important and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions: [email protected]

Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement




  1. thank you for posting this! we are fighting huge corporations with deep pockets that care nothing about our health. states are losing tobacco settlement money and taxing / restricting vaping. every vaper needs to get involved in advocacy even if just a little bit.

  2. Arkansas Dave

    There is no stopping the government! They will do what they want no matter who says what. This is all about keeping the money flowing to the cigarette companies. We can yell and scream and bitch and moan all we want but no matter what, vaping will be a thing of the past in the next couple of years.

    • Kind of a cynical outlook.

    • So your position is that it’s a lost cause so we should just do nothing??? If someone was trying to hurt someone you cared about, would you size them up first just to make sure you could take them? If it’s a truly important cause (and I firmly believe that this is), the odds of success are irrelevant.

      “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” — Thomas Jefferson

  3. Done.

  4. Read Addy Tuney’s response above if you haven’t already. As he said, the vaping community was responsible for getting Senator Ron Johnson re-elected, and countless other CASAA calls to action have been successful as well. This is undeniable proof that we have a very big voice and are capable of impacting change. But it’s not CASAA’s job to stop laws from going through…that’s OUR job. If everyone just sat back and did nothing, things like that never would have happened.

    What I don’t understand is why you’re actively promoting apathy. Be assured, the FDA applauds those types of comments because they’re even more crippling to the vaping industry than the actual regulations themselves. You’re entitled to your opinion—be pessimistic if you like. If you’re not willing to do your part, that’s your choice. But please don’t try to convince the rest of us that our efforts are futile. Remember, this is much bigger than you and me…this isn’t just about new and exciting products, cloud comps, exotic coils, temp control, etc. At its core, the vaping industry is about saving lives, and too many lives will be at stake if this industry goes under. Personally, I think that’s something worth fighting for. I can’t even comprehend why anyone would discourage that.



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