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VaporDNA Drip Tip (Limited Edition) + Xtras $31.50

I know, I know. This is definitely not a #teamcheapmod drip tip. But, some of us have joined #teammydriptipisbetterthanyours and want something a little more exclusive. =) Introducing the limited edition VaporDNA drip tip by Dynasty. It’s a 510 wide bore drip tip made from lead free brass then triple 24K gold plated and hand polished. It just released today and is priced at $35. But, you can use the coupon code “DNA10” to bring the price down to $31.50. Plus, for the first 100 orders… they will thrown in a free bottle of E-juice 2 Die 4 (a $12 value by itself). Plus, check out the homepage for details on how to get a free bottle of MP E-juice with every order (a $7 value by itself). Plus, any orders over $49 get FREE SHIPPING as well. Ordered mine already. I’ll definitely post pics on my Instagram account when the VaporDNA drip tip vap mail lands.

Use Coupon Code: DNA10


Page Contains Affiliate Links | Full Transparency Statement




  1. Ya just ordered one haha

  2. I’ve wanted to get one of these since it first came out b/c I have a lead & nickel allergy & from what others who have the same allergies I have, they are doing GREAT WITH THIS DRIP TIP; my only problem is being unable to afford to buy one. Disability income doesn’t go far & it’s even less when supporting a teenager – even an amazing, caring teenager as mine who has worked her backside off 1st earning & then maintaining her 4.0GPA from 1st grade thru more than halfway across junior year of high school… (in fact, she was supposed to take her ACT today but the schools are closed practically across the state due to ice from a snow/sleet/ice storm we had yesterday & throughout last night; the biggest concern she had on her mind wasn’t the ice or sleet – it was studying like mad for her AP chemistry test, AP biology test, & brushing up on her ACT even though she went through a program at a university about an hour or so from where we live where professors and program leaders helped the students learn to study as well as what to study for the SAT & ACT along with how best to tone down the jitters.

    Even now, after all these years, this kid still has the feelings of almost physically ill symptoms when it comes to the SAT & ACT testing (same occurred during the PSATs & P-ACTs even though she scored well; she had room for improvement of course but her results were those of a senior, not a sophomore & now, a junior!) not to mention the same return feelings even when she’s done well throughout the entire grading period b4 the report cards come out & once again she’s aced everything. I’m thankful for the school, the college, teachers, & other students who helped provide for transportation & other things as well b/c I can’t drive due to blindness & while she has a learner’s permit, I can’t afford to get her driver’s license b/c it req’s like $2000 every 6mos to have the license even if you have no car & we don’t have a car; even if we did have a car, I couldn’t afford the maintenance on one! w/disability income, there’s far more month and nowhere near enough money… 🙁

  3. Ordered one earlier today. Been waiting for these to come into stock, super excited. I’m in the process of building a custom DNA30 mod, but this will be going on my SvoeMesto Semovar. Should be the perfect drip tip for an elegantly and beautiful mod.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Ordered mine on 3/3/14 a few min after getting the email from VaporDNA, so maybe around 6AM (EST)

    I was hoping to get a single to double digit S/N since i placed an order only minutes after getting the email. My order showed up today with S/N 113. Whatever, its still a beautiful drip tip.

  5. #091 here! It is BIG! And it is AWESOME!